Kite Party 2013

As previously reported, this year Kite Party is changing and will have an emphasis on competition. Previous format imposed certain rules, such as precise planning of time and place to organize such a large scale event. We believe that now we will become more flexible to react to wind forecasts and therefore ready to organize races in planned disciplines.

Official statement of Kite Party

Dear Friends! I would like to officially announce that this summer Kite Party will not take place in its usual form in Venstpils. For eight years it has been the most awaited summer event for many of us. We have experienced a lot of beautiful moments together – challenge in the races, disappointment in case of not so successful start, anger at Lithuanian competitors, friendship, bumps, emotions, newly discovered talents, wild parties in the seaside camping, dances in the beach well after sunrise and headaches in the next day. So many couples have met, fallen in love, split up and even new citizens were born after Kite Party :)

Sunday, 29th of July

First skippers meeting on the beach at 11.00 AM. First possible start at 11.30 AM.

Friday, 27th of July - course race

At 6.30 PM course race competitions started together with Latvian kiteboard championships. The two first races were held, but the last one - third - was cancelled due to the lack of wind. It will be held in coming two days.

Take Your children to Kite Party!

We will have "Pūķotava" on the beach - a play tent for kiteboarder kids. During all Friday and Saturday all little kiteboarders will be able to participate in LearnEnglish Kids creative workshop or to play in bounce attractions. See You this weekend at Ventspils surf beach!

Surf Pro Wave results

This year Kite Party began unusually early – on Monday - with Surf Pro wave competitions. At first Pavilosta was chosen as the venue for competition but after the registration all 15 wave riders went to catch better waves at Liepaja’s Northern Pier. The decision to change the location was correct and also the wind strength was about 10 m/s!

Kite Party Surf Pro Wave

Kite Party almost here, and we plan to start with Surf Pro Wave competition on Monday, 23rd of July in Pavilosta!

Greetings from Cesar Portas! (video)

Already next week Cesar will join Kite Party team and kiters!